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Cheap flights can be of three categories: Charter Flights, Last Minute Flights and Cheap Airlines Flights. You can find cheap flights of all International Destinations and save a lot of money.

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Cheap flights are cheap and thus have some small disadvantages.
Cheap Airline Tickets: When booking a cheap flight Tickets you can not choose the return date and can not cancel or change your flight’ stime. Everything is defined by the airline company according to their flights planning. By selling cheap tickets flights, airlines fill empty seats on their planes.
Last Minute Flights: Last minute flights have a similar principle. If 2 or 3 days before the flight there still are empty seats on the plane, airlines company starts selling cheap tickets to fill them up. So, you can get really cheap flights this way, but it only works for spontaneous trips.


Airline TicketsCheap Airlines: Cheap airlines only offer cheap flights. They are relatively small new companies that need to offer really low prices in order to be able to compete with big reputable airlines. We all know that air traveling is not a cheap thing. Planes cost lots of money, technical maintenance must be very precise to avoid any catastrophic consequences, it requires much skilled personnel and so on. So, these companies sometimes work at no income at all or even lose money in order to promote themselves. Besides, they try to save money wherever it’s possible. The number of services is reduced to the minimum and the planes are designed to hold as many passengers as they can, so sometimes it is not very comfortable. Despite all these disadvantages, there are thousands of people using cheap airlines every day. By sacrificing a bit of comfort you get really cheap flights and it’s worth it.